Services for Exhibitors at Intermodal

Having your brand, products and services showcased in the main segment’s media is great for any company. 

Intermodal offers Press Services so as to help creating press releases and disclosing them to media vehicles.

Bring in information, statistics and percentages; this type of content adds credibility! In case the solution is certified, information is even more important! 

Would you like your brand to stand out in the main segment’s media? Please contact the show’s Press Service. The work by the Corporate Content team is completely free of charge;  

What are the free communication channels offered to the exhibitor by Press Services?


Press disclosures prior and during the show: every week we will send recommendations for the show’s agenda and exhibitors to journalists! We can help you, the exhibitor, to have greater visibility, reach and credibility thanks to our Press Services.

Website of the show
Press Room

Press Office

Conteúdo Empresarial 

Michel Penna

11 - 98539-2126

SKYPE: conteudo.empresarial5


Valeria Bursztein

11 - 99104-2031

SKYPE: vbursztein

Did you know most attendees come to the show with their course and the list of stands to be visited planned ahead?

So don’t waste any more time! Send us your information and take advantage of all benefits:

Online Window:

Make your products available to every professional accessing the show’s website;

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Introduce yourself to attendees
Show what’s new

Innovation and Launches

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 Intermodal South America 23ª Edition
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