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With the aim of valuing the sustainable practices of exhibiting companies, Informa Markets, organizer and promoter of Intermodal, will hold the 2024 Sustainable Stand Award, which will publicize and reward brands with the most sustainable stands.


To participate, the exhibiting company must read and agree with all the information contained on this page, and at the end of the page click on the link and fill in the REGISTRATION and QUESTIONNAIRE fields.

The information in the QUESTIONNAIRE will be verified and evaluated on-site at the event, by Informa Markets' partner consultancy.

It should be noted that participation is free and voluntary.

1. Regulation

1.1- Assessment, scoring, and tiebreaker criteria

  • The questionnaire presents 19 multiple-choice questions with scores ranging from 0 to 5 points.
  • Questions that are not answered will receive 0 (zero) points.
  • The maximum score that can be achieved is 113 points
  • Questions that present greater care with socio-environmental responsibility have greater weight and are consequently worth more points. This information is contained in the QUESTIONNAIRE.
  • The stand that obtains the highest score in its category will be considered the winner of the prize.
  • If there is a tie, the winner will be the one who obtains the highest marks in the questions that have the greatest weight. This information is contained in the QUESTIONNAIRE.


1.2- Items contained in the QUESTIONNAIRE

1. What is the approximate percentage of material reused from other events at the stand?

2. What is the percentage of recycled materials at the stand?

3. Does the stand have a waste management system?

4. How many lamps are used on the stand?

5. What type of lamps are used at the stand?

6. What type of material is used in the gifts?

7. Is there Carbon Neutralization generated at the event?

8. Is there Carbon Neutralization generated in the company?

9. Does the company have socio-environmental projects?

10. Does the exhibiting company have certifications? (ISO 26001 - Social Responsibility / ISO 14001 - Environment / OHSAS 18001 - Safety / ISO 9001 - Quality)

11. What means of transport will employees use to arrive at the event?

12. What means of transport is used to transport the equipment when assembling and disassembling the stand?

13. How many trips are necessary to transport equipment when assembling the stand?

14. How many trips are necessary to transport equipment when dismantling the stand?

15. Was PPE used during stand assembly?

16. What type of accessibility is the standard? (Access Ramp / Touch Floor / Handrail / Braille Panels / Sound Communication)

17. Are there PCD people in the stand operation team?

18. Does the company have a Code of Ethics?

19. Does the company have a Reporting Channel?


1.3-  Categories (by booth size)

The award has 4 categories, according to the size of the stand.

  • Green: up to 29.99m²
  • Yellow: from 30 to 59.99m²
  • Blue: from 60 to 99.99 m²
  • White: over 100m²


2. Deadlines

  • Registration and completion of the questionnaire: until February 28, 2024
  • Event date: March 5th to 7th, 2024


3. Recognition

The 2024 Intermodal Sustainable Stand Award will have 2 (two) forms of recognition, as follows.


3.1- Sustainable Booth Award Winners 2024 Intermodal

The exhibiting companies and their respective manufacturers will receive a seal and a certificate of Winners of the Sustainable Stand 2024 Intermodal Award for their respective categories, which can be used after the event, in any media.


3.2-  Sustainable Stand Seal 2024 Intermodal

All exhibiting companies that achieve a score equal to or greater than 56 (50%) will receive the Sustainable Stand 2024 Intermodal seal, which can be used after the event, in any media.


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