Allink analyses the market in order to offer new services

The company’s priority is to search for new alternatives to meet freight forwarders and cargo shipment in a customized way.

Allink International Transports is planning on launching new services to meet the market´s demand. According to their marketing manager, Carla Vieira, the company will take advantage of its presence at Intermodal South America, the largest event in cargo transportation, logistics and foreign trade, that will take place from 5th to 7th April, in São Paulo, to conduct market research and, through talking with its target audience, find out what the needs are in order to offer customized operations.

“Although the overall scenario is not in favour of foreign trade due to the economic crisis, Allink is none-the-less successful thanks to its partnership with our target audience and its impartiality, which leaves freight forwarders and shipping commissioners safer and protected within their business”, explains Carla Vieira, the company’s marketing manager.

With three business divisions, Air, NVOCC and Service, the company provides proposals and different solutions for freight forwarders and shipping commissioners. One of the latest pieces of news is thatAllink will show its new website at the fair and the presentation of the new HQ and field offices after their renovations.

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