Logistics, cargo transport and international trade sectors ready to help Brazil return to a virtuous circle of growth.

This Thursday April 7th in São Paulo the last day of Intermodal South America took place. The event powers the market with new business, investment and debates on essential issues for these segments.

Brazil can rely on companies from the logistics, cargo transport and international trade sectors to overcome the current crisis atmosphere. In an environment where this word was traded for others such as investment, business and proactivity, over the three days of Intermodal South America, the production chains of these sectors provided a demonstration that it is possible to quickly return to a virtuous circle of growth. From April 5th to 7th at the Transamerica Expo Center, São Paulo, the event brought together 600 brands from 25 countries as exhibitors and a highly knowledgeable audience of attendees, primarily executives with high levels of decision-making power.

“This 22nd edition of Intermodal has enabled companies to be certain that an atmosphere of crisis can be overcome with more investment and boldness. The ability to recover shown by these sectors is notable and our mission is precisely to stimulate and boost the success of the companies that exhibit with us, gathering together interests and promoting discussions on essential themes for the development of the market in Brazil and Latin America”, said Jean-François Quentin, CEO of UBM Brazil, the event promoter.

One success story from the event is that of Kalmar, supplier of solutions and services for the movement of cargo to ports, terminals, distribution centers and heavy industry, who announced the confirmed sale at Intermodal of a forklift to the Port Terminal of Santa Catarina (TESC). According to the Maintenance Manager of TESC, Guilherme Smolka, "The acquisition has increased the fleet at our Terminal and will strengthen TESC’s multi-use profile".

This is not the first time that Kalmar has announced a large confirmed sale during Intermodal South America. Asked about their business success during the event, the Kalmar Sales Manager, Alexandre Esse, confirmed that "On many occasions, we have prospected, talked and done business at a distance but the confirmation of this type of transaction needs to be done face to face. These are large companies and it is difficult to schedule in line with the diaries of the executives of these organizations. Intermodal allows us to have the decision makers from the whole market in one single place for a considerable period of time. That most certainly makes things easier at the point when you want to do your key business and sign off contracts".

The operator Supersonic Logística [Supersonic Logistics] was a first-time exhibitor at Intermodal South America. The company has already renewed for the next edition of the event. “We are impressed with the volume and quality of the visitors who we had.  We received 60 visits de potential clients”, said the company’s Marketing manager, Antonio Carlos.

The company’s sales director, Cazuza Ferreira, revealed that the firm closed a deal at Intermodal with Philips Lights worth R$1.8m for distribution in Brazil of all the products of the company, which is based in the Jundiaí in São Paulo. “We have a very impressive potential for results generated in just three days of this event. Our participation in Intermodal has surpassed all our expectations”, he said.


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