Automation technologies and information security system integration are innovations brought by Speed Sistemas

The company will present success cases in its stand at Intermodal, including the operations it carries at out the Itapoá Port (SC) and Ceará’s ZPE

Speed Sistemas, leading company in automation and security system integration in ports and customs organizations in Brazil, is another technology company attending the 23rd edition of Intermodal South America.

Its CEO, Paulo Hack, says that Speed Sistemas is today one of the most innovative companies in the domestic market in terms of automation, offering end-to-end solutions to its clients, increasing the effectiveness of their port access operations, reducing the waiting time and leading to significant productivity gains. “By implementing our automation solutions, the client can reduce up to 70% of the entry time, identification, management and clearance of trucks at the port gates”, says the CEO.

As for security system integration, Hack says this kind of solution involves much more than the property and local safety, as it is also related to the security of the operation performed by the client, increasing reliability. “If the client already has security systems but they are not integrated, Speed can integrate them all. If any specific solution needs to be created, our partners and Speed can develop it in a customized manner and integrate it, ensuring optimum operations”, he adds.

The CEO also emphasizes a few cases of operations now being carried out, which will be described during Intermodal this year. “Some examples of places where we have been working in this sense are the Itapoá Port in Santa Catarina and Ceará’s ZPE (the Management Company of Ceará’s Exporting Process Area)”, he says.


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