Kopron Brasil launches an exclusive brand during the Intermodal

The company will introduce the Valcom brand portfolio, which includes guillotine doors, swing doors, dock shelters, among other products aimed at industrial logistics     

Kopron, an Italian company working in foreign trade for over 35 years, is bringing its businesses to Brazil. Specialized in industrial logistics, the company is launching its newest product line in Brazil, the Valcom brand, which will be introduced to the segment in Intermodal South America 2017.

 According to the marketing analyst of Kopron Brasil, Gabriela Chiavegato, at first the launching portfolio for the brand will include products devoted to the logistic infrastructure segment. “These are guillotine doors, speed flex-rollers, swing doors, door levelers and dock shelters, whose main differential is price, much lower than the products currently available, but with similar quality”, says Gabriela.

 Gabriela says that, in addition to launching the brand in the domestic market, Kopron will strongly invest in canopies, especially focusing on special turnkey projects, where one company hires another company to manage the entire project from end-to-end. “In the case of canopies, Kopron can provide a full range of services and solutions and also structures of its own, and in all steps of the project, as of the consultancy phase until post-sales assistance”, she says.

 The marketing analyst also says Kopron’s participation in Intermodal aims at increasing the brand’s visibility in the country. “We are coming to the show aiming at increasing business opportunities both in Brazil and in America Latina”.


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