2017 starts with optimism for the Brazilian foreign commerce market. According to data from the Brazilian Foreign Commerce Association (AEB), the country’s trade balance is to set a record this year, with a surplus of around US$ 51.65 billion. This would lead to a 7.2% increase in exports compared to 2016, amounting to US$ 197.4 billion, and a 5.2% increase in exports, which corresponds to US$ 145.7 billion.

This estimate corresponds to a recent analysis performed by the Brazilian Central Bank. According to the bank, in 2017 exports are expected to amount to US$ 195 billion, while imports are expected to amount to US$ 151 billion. For the bank, however, the balance is not expected to exceed US$ 44 billion.

Both estimates of foreign commerce growth, following five years of collapse, shall directly impact on production volumes of nearly all economic segments, such as aeronautics, farming, the auto industry and mining, which stood out in exports in 2016, according to the Department of Industry, Foreign Commerce and Services (MDIC), and which are expected to perform equally well this year, with direct impact on bulk and container cargo logistics.

Other numbers:

- For 2017, 47.7% of the businesspeople in the segment are hoping to have greater gross revenue and 48.8% believe economic activities will grow

- 53.5% of carriers have more confidence in the federal government’s management and 60.5% agree with tax measures announced along the year


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