Skilled and knowledgeable audience praises excellence of exhibitors

“We are cargo agents and here at Intermodal South America, we found all the key companies in the production chain in one place. It is the ideal place to see new developments from our partners and to make contacts for future business with the high-quality exhibitors that the event always brings together”, said the general manager of NR Logística Internacional [NR International Logistics], Camisa Cosensa. This comment reflects the opinion of other attendees who were also at Intermodal South America.

Rosana Alpheis, manager of 20Cube do Brasil Logística [20Cube Brazil Logistics], makes the event a tool to optimize, speed up and close new business deals. “In just one single day, I booked in six meetings with Intermodal exhibitors. The event manages to cover a lot, attracting the key players from the entire chain, which allows us to schedule meetings and, at the same time, find out what’s new in the sectors”, she highlighted.

The director of Seawolf Cargo from Argentina, Cecília Aguerre, observed that the company always makes its presence known at Intermodal South America: “Here, I can get an overview of how the market is in Latin America and I can get connected with the key companies in the sector. Anyone who is operating in the ports segment and who wants to be competitive – they need to be here.” The CEO of Detroit Retífica de Motores [Detroit Engine Rebuilding], João Luiz Ferreira, thinks similarly. “The event is always very well organized and there are a lot of business possibilities”, he said.

“The event is a lot busier this year. And that isn’t just my feeling, it’s something I have talked about with other people here and the impression they have is the same. I believe that the current economic situation is making us, the companies in the sector, look for all possible opportunities for new business and partnerships. Intermodal is the perfect place to find this type of opportunity”, said the Director of Carvalhão Transportes [Carvalhão Transport], Miriam Carvalho. "I attend the event every year in search of opportunities and I have already managed to close on a lot of business transactions that we started here. Intermodal is without a doubt a place that is as much about networking as it is about generating business itself ".

"I have come to Intermodal for many years and I always find good business opportunities for CCONMED, which is a consultancy business. In previous years, a lot of prospecting turned into real business, partnerships. I believe that this year will be no different, I have had a lot of good conversations and meetings that opened doors with some excellent prospects", said Alexsandro Amorim, consultant/auditor from CCONMED Consultoria [CCONMED Consultants].


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