Companies celebrate their participation in Intermodal South America

The positive atmosphere for business increased the optimism of companies at the event. An operator in the agribusiness sector, Salvador Logística, took part in Intermodal for the first time and had its expectations exceeded. Marco Grimaldi, the company’s sales director, said: “We made excellent contacts, which could turn themselves into business and we were able to exhibit our future investments. We are also pleased with the attendee profile, which is made up largely of executives”.

“The event is very important for building relationships, for meeting the key players from the market, who in the future will generate business. In general, we have achieved our objectives, without a doubt”, said Flávia Rietmann, Communications and Sustainability Director of Wilson Sons.

The Corporate Logistics Director of Grupo Protege, José Raul Baptista, felt there was an overall attendee level even greater than that of the previous year. “We had the opportunity to prospect for new business. Just this one edition, we started negotiations with three possible clients, which are companies that also exhibit here. It is a very important event for companies and without any question we will return in the coming years”, he said.

“I believe we achieved our expectations at Intermodal 2016”, underlined Elizabeth Pinto, National Sales Manager of DHL Logistics. “We received visits from many clients over the three days of Intermodal and we had the opportunity to meet with partners and suppliers too. Overall, there is a lot of interaction in the world of logistics. In addition to that, we did business at the event and we managed to prospect for new opportunities”.

For Marcelo Alessandro Vitorino, Sales Director of Localfrio Logística [Localfrio Logistics], the balance of this edition of Intermodal is, as with previous years, positive. “We put relationship-strengthening initiatives into action and we also had the opportunity to generate new business”, he said.


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