Paranaguá and Antonina Ports increase their productivity by 33%

Investments in new equipment and the update of the logistics infrastructure were responsible for the increase of the grain loading capacity of the Export Corridor.

The management team from Paranaguá and Antonina Ports (APPA) will be present at the 22nd Edition of Intermodal South America, which will take place in São Paulo, from 5th to 7th April, to present the performance of the ports in Paraná over the last six years. The results are due in part because the investments package made by the Paraná Government. They invested around R$ 511.9 million through the complexes management in order to improve port logistics infrastructure. This initiative increased the productivity in Paraná’s ports by 33%.
The purchase of four new ship loaders (equipment used to load cargo ship with grains), was one of the main actions responsible for the increase in the outflow capacity of the Export Corridor. In addition to that, the port management also invested in ten new cranes, new truck weighing scales, new dumpers and other components to unload cargo. Scanners for cargo inspection and computerized security shelters were also purchased and a new access route to the Triage Yard were installed. Other improvements include the implementation of APPA WEB (Paper Free Port) and new lighting for the port avenue (using LED), totaling R$ 21 million.
Other investments of around R$ 423 million are being auctioned between 2016 and 2018, totaling R$ 934.9 million. This will be used to update mooring berths 201 and 202 and to expand the dock of mooring berth 201 one hundred meters – westbound. This is the first public infrastructure project to expand the Paranaguá mooring docks in the last 30 years and it will be done using Appa resources only.
Paranaguá and Antonina ports are among the 28 national and international ports that take part in Intermodal South America this year. There are over 600 exhibiting brands representing the most diverse areas of the supply chain such as maritime, road, air and rail cargo transportation, terminals, ports, cargo agents, logistics operators, IT and services related to national and international cargo transportation.


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