Suape Port invests in its intermodal capability

The objective is to increase its productivity using the draughts extent to receive larger vessels and improve the access to the roads for the cargo outflow.

In order to receive larger vessels and improve the cargo outflow using road transportation, Suape Port, located in Recife (PE), is carrying out port infrastructure projects to expand the dredging areas of the Outer Canal and the access to the Naval Hub. In addition to this they have a new Vehicle Yard Customhouse in Dock 4 and they have upgraded the runway access to the port, which is just one of the 28 port complexes taking part in Intermodal South America this year.
These improvements have a R$ 48 million budget and they should be finished sometime this year (2016) with the purpose of expanding the port productivity. In addition to those investments, Suape expects to be targeted in port leasing auctions in the second half of 2016 which are organized by the Port Secretary under the National Plan for Port Logistics (PNLP). The investments in Pernambuco´s ports will be made in terminals, as follows: containers (R$ 981.1 million), bulk mineral (R$ 678.54 million), bulk minerals – except iron (R$ 363.29 million), vehicles (R$ 45 million) and wheat (R$ 40 million).
Suape Port will provide the details about these and other investments at Intermodal´s 22nd edition, which takes place in São Paulo from 5th to 7th April. Suape port from Pernambuco and other port complexes in Brazil such as Ceará Port, Paranaguá Ports will take part in the fair.


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