BYD brings the best forklift truck in the world to Intermodal

Savings can add up to over 27 thousand reais by using this machinery

BYD – a major company specialized in renewable energy – rechargeable batteries, electric vehicles, photovoltaic solar panels, LED, power saving systems and IT – brings to the 23rd edition of Intermodal South America, in April, in São Paulo, the most forwarding technology in the world in electric forklifts trucks.

“Our truck won’t stop: it works under the rain, in the sand, on grounds with holes. It has twice the autonomy and it takes ¼ of the loading time compared to traditional lead-acid technologies. Compared to gas-powered forklift trucks, they are not only safer, but annual savings can add up to over 27 thousand Brazilian reais”, says Henrique Antunes, national sales manager at the company.

Winners of the IFOY Award in their class at the Hannover trade fair (Germany) in 2016, the BYD forklift trucks do not require specific warehouse space, driver and replacement batteries, as they are equipped with an easy-to-use portable charger and can also be partially recharged (with no memory effects) and be fully recharged within up to two hours, compared to the eight hours required by traditional lead-acid powered trucks. Also, they have a useful life of 10 years (the shelf life of traditional trucks is only 3) and they come with a five-year warranty.

“We are the first in the world in lithium batteries, we are the world leaders. And as our system is complete, the productivity of our forklift trucks is optimum. We offer quickness, less maintenance costs with battery stations and an employee exclusively assigned for recharging and changing the batteries. We prevent accidents and also eliminate high costs with power, considering the eight or even ten hours of recharging for a lead-acid forklift truck”, says Antunes, who also says that, considering environmental issues, which are so important, “the batteries BYD are not disposed of, once they are reused in the ESS (energy Store System) once their lifecycle in forklift trucks is over”.

There are many advantages when compared to natural gas-powered forklift trucks as well (LPG). LPG forklift trucks require a specific – expensive – warehouse for the storage of gas cylinders, installation of recharging stations and also allowance for hazardous work for the driver (because of leakage and explosion hazards). These things do not happen with BYD forklift trucks, and if we compare fuel costs, recharging time (transportation, change and recharge) and maintenance (which, in the case of LPG, requires oil, filter, spark plugs, among others), savings can add up to nine to 27 thousand Brazilian reais per year, considering one to three shifts.

Nine forklift truck models are found in Brazil (T14, T20, ECB16, ECB18, ECB20, ECB25, ECB30, ECB35, T50), with success involving brands such as Renault, Suzano, Correios, Fiat, Braskem, among others.


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